New Series on Overcoming Workplace Violence
Firestorm and OnSolve have partnered to bring you a new series on addressing workplace violence and overcoming man-made threats. The webinars will iterate how threats from workplace violence affect business continuity and how to put effective plans in place to mitigate risk. There is no cost to register for this series! Register now>>

Tying it Together: How ‘The Bowtie Method’ Enables an Operational Approach to Risk Management Many companies treat risk management and business continuity as different entities under the same workflows, and that is a mistake. To be optimally effective, the two must be combined and aligned. Industry veteran, Robert Sibik, shares a viewpoint that is useful in the business realm, particularly when it comes to protecting a business from risk. Read more>>

  • DRJ's Book Club
    A book will be chosen and communicated to the Disaster Recovery Journal’s community every month. If you are interested in the book, pick it up and read it. (You don’t have to participate with every book) The blog will be opened for comment and discussion on the book. Each blog will have a facilitator to help with the discussion. It is just as easy as that!  Learn more and find out about October’s book. Click HERE>>
  • Three Days or Two Weeks
    With the standards constantly changing, how long should residents plan to operate on their own in the event of a disaster? Click HERE>>
  • The Science of Simulation
    To better understand natural disasters, researchers are developing tools to simulate the effects of hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Click HERE>>
  • In the Aftermath
    When recovering from a disaster, business owners should consider these five actions. Click HERE>>
  • International Security
    Canada is performing a national security analysis to determine cyberthreats posed by equipment manufactured by foreign telecommunications companies. Click HERE>>
  • From the Top Down
    When executives ignore the importance of cybersecurity, they set the tone for the entire company. Click HERE>>
  • From Black Hat to White Hat
    The U.S. Justice Department has recruited the architects of the Mirai botnet to assist in cybersecurity and cybercrime investigations. Click HERE>>

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BELFOR Property Restoration A case study of Remington Park's quick recovery from storm damage. It seemed like an insurmountable task and timeline, but BELFOR met the customer's needs with dedicated, professional, customer-oriented service. Click HERE>>

The KOOL Kit Key benefits for the ones you care about... The KOOL Kit provides 3-day support. Long shelf-life. At $30, this valuable kit costs less than what you might spend assembling a kit on your own AND it saves you time. Packed in a bag to keep things KOOL! Click HERE>>

IAEM 66th Annual Conference & EMEX October 19 – 24, 2018 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This multi-day event includes a multitude of topics across the emergency management spectrum, enhancing your knowledge and strengthening your network. Download IAEM Brochure Click HERE>>

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DRI International Offers Specialized Services for Offices of Emergency Management
DRI now offers Private Sector Resilience Training for Offices of Emergency Management (OEM). This program helps OEMs to host a DRI course and train key community representatives in business continuity, risk management, and other resilience disciplines. These training events are effective networking events, offering opportunities to:

-Help businesses in the region understand what to expect from their office, to incorporate those details into their plans.

-Network and build relationships with other industries in their community, such as local government, emergency services, healthcare, tourism, and more.

-Discuss real events and situations that have impacted their area and gain additional perspectives on effective response.

-Focus on both the business community’s short-term needs with their overall needs for the community’s recovery and integrate them into their long-term goals to improve the overall risk health of the community.

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