The DRI Foundation presents Dance for Nepal, the one-night performance event to raise funds for Nepal, to be held June 30 at the Union Square Theater in New York, NY! Tickets are a 100% tax-deductible donation, and all proceeds will benefit survivors of the earthquake. Click HERE>>

We Just Did a BIA and Gap Analysis… Now What? Jacque Rupert, of Avalution Consulting, is our featured expert in this week’s eGUIDE. Learn how to perform an effective business continuity strategy identification and selection effort, by reading her insightful article… Click HERE>>

  • Supply Chain Resilience Survey
    BCI's Supply Chain Resilience report tracks the origins, causes and consequences of disruption. It’s become a vital resource for the BC and resilience industry. The survey that will inform the 2015 report is now live. Please participate and support our valuable research work. Click HERE>>
  • Sprinting Towards a Strategy for the Federal Hacking Situation
    In the aftermath of the hacks, the White House has a new strategy: the 30 Day Sprint. But to some experts, the damage may have already been more extensive than anyone imagined. Click HERE>>
  • A New Way to Look at Disaster
    FEMA launched a new data visualization tool in early June to map out where disasters are likely to strike. Click HERE>>
  • I, Robot
    The face of the future in terms of disaster recovery made an appearance at the DARPA Challenge. Click HERE>>
  • World Conference on Disaster Management
    This year’s World Conference on Disaster Management brought experts and industry to Toronto, which provided a real-life example of a communications crisis on opening day. Click HERE>>
  • Cybersecurity: Not Just for Information
    Securing information in cyberspace tends to take all the limelight, but operational cybersecurity is also crucial. Learn more about vulnerabilities in chemical plants and electric grids. Click HERE>>
  • A Case for Crisis Communication Plans
    Think you don’t need a crisis communications plan if disaster hits? Think again, say these experts, who show you how a strategic defense is the best offence during a crisis. Click HERE>>

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BELFOR Property Restoration A case study of how BELFOR helped Remington Park recover quickly from storm damage. It seemed like an insurmountable task but BELFOR met the customer's needs with dedicated, professional, customer-oriented service. Click HERE>>

The KOOL Kit provides 72-hour support for 1 person. Long shelf-life contents. At only $30, it costs less than what you might spend assembling a kit on your own AND it saves you time. Packed in a bag that can be used to keep things KOOL! Click HERE>>

DRJ’s New Website Find information easily and quickly with its dynamic menus, mobile-friendly lay-out and interactive schedule. You can register, book accommodations, and Tweet letting colleagues know where you’ll be from September 27 - 30. Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

Donations Management (Podcast)
In 1992 Hurricane Andrew devastated areas of Florida and Louisiana. The aftermath of the hurricane led to a national strategy on hurricane preparedness in many ways, including how to plan for and handle unsolicited donations and spontaneous volunteers. interviewed Deployed Resources’ Emergency Management Director, Richard Cheek, DSL, to discuss donations management and the way it has evolved over the years. Click HERE>>

ERMS and KingsBridge Announce Partnership to Integrate Planning Software
ERMS is proud to announce their partnership with KingsBridge Disaster Recovery. Through the ERMS Advantage comprehensive API, KingsBridge is able to offer their customers seamless integration of emergency and incident mass notification with business continuity and disaster recovery planning software. Click HERE>>

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