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  • Hunting Black Swans in Your Continuity Program
    Volume II, Quarry 3 - Power Outages: How Employers Can /Should Get Involved. A Black Swan in Business Continuity Management is an untreated point of failure. This is the fifteenth in a series by Kathleen Lucey regarding hunting and mastery of black swans. Click HERE>>
  • Cyber Warfare: What to Do About the Inside Man (and Other Lessons Learned)
    The recent Edward Snowden case has called for stricter measures to protect sensitive data from exposure. Can a two-man rule help prevent such exposures? Click HERE>>
  • Lessons from the Earthquake Front Lines
    What lessons from past disasters were used during the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami? Learn how lessons from that disaster are having an effect today. Click HERE>>
  • Implementing Flooding Solutions
    Superstorm Sandy emphasized the need for improved storm response. See what some data center operators are doing to adapt to disaster scenarios. Click HERE>>
  • The Importance of Crisis Communication Plans
    What can PR reps learn from the Lac Megantic rail disaster? The biggest lessons can be gained from the rail company’s failure to communicate following the tragedy. Click HERE>>
  • Improving Infrastructure to Deal with Global Climate Change
    What can cities and municipalities do to improve their aging sewer and water infrastructure? With funds in short supply, officials are turning to more cost-effective measures. Click HERE>>
  • How to Survive a Pandemic
    What can we do to prepare and respond effectively to a pandemic? Key steps include determining who is most at risk and how to handle the crisis once it hits. Click HERE>>

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IWCO Direct Expands PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance Certification
IWCO Direct, a provider of direct marketing solutions, announced it has expanded its Level 1 Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard 2.0 (PCI DSS) compliance certification across all IWCO Direct facilities. This certification includes Mail-Gard®, a division of IWCO Direct that provides business continuity and disaster recovery services, whose Warminster, Pa., facility has been PCI certified since 2007. Click HERE>>

Paradigm Solutions International Announces OpsPlanner™ Xpress
Paradigm Solutions International, Inc., a provider of Business Continuity Planning software and services, is excited to announce the general release of OpsPlanner™ Xpress, a low-cost, web-based Business Continuity Solution that allows for Quick, Easy and Powerful emergency planning. It’s a robust toolset streamlined and geared directly to business continuity planning for small and medium businesses. Click HERE>>

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