Planning and preparing are just two goals of Disaster Management. In this article, the objectives Risk managers must obtain and the unexpected events that cross their paths are outlined. It details what Disaster Management is. Learn what to do in the wake of a disaster. Click HERE>>

What Are 3 Common Pitfalls of Incident Response? Bruce Blythe shares his expertise on incident response. Remember A.C.E.: Authority, Communication, Expectation. When an incident occurs, amidst a hectic environment, will everything run as smoothly as you planned? Click HERE>>

  • The 15th Annual Disaster Resource GUIDE Goes to 12 Tradeshows in the Coming 12 Months
    Don’t be left behind. Take advantage of this special opportunity and be included in the one-stop, go-to publication that is the DRG. Shows include Disaster Recovery Journal, Risk and Insurance Management Society, International Association of Emergency Managers and more. Click HERE>>
  • One NJ Police Chief’s Experience During Hurricane Irene
    Find out how a New Jersey Police Department effectively used social media during the recent hurricane crisis. Disseminating accurate information is vital. Click HERE>>
  • How Will Your IT Systems Hold Up During a Disaster?
    Find out how to keep your business data safe. The Regional Business Preparedness Campaign offers key insights into common IT vulnerabilities. Click HERE>>
  • Department of Energy Sets Roadmap for Secure Infrastructure
    Find out how the DOE is preparing to help protect the U.S. energy infrastructure with its new detailed roadmap, which could help protect businesses and individuals alike. Click HERE>>
  • How to Find Safety in the Cloud
    According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, small and medium-sized businesses can protect their vital information by turning to a dedicated IT service provider. Click HERE>>
  • Post-9/11 Hospital Emergency Preparedness
    How has disaster preparedness and response changed in healthcare facilities since 9/11? Read this NewsWorks article to find out. Click HERE>>
  • Integrate ERM and Cybersecurity into Your Organization
    By using a multi-tiered, organization-wide risk management approach, you can lessen your risk level and increase your ability to proactively respond to any disaster situation. Click HERE>>

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TAMP Systems provides BCM web-based software and consulting services. TAMP's software provides automation for BCM, and its consulting services include the development of BIAs and resulting plans. TAMP is a DRII Certified BC Vendor (CBCV). Click HERE>>

PLYLOX™ Commercial Hurricane Window Clips. The ingenious, inexpensive and non-destructive way to protect your windows from high winds and airborne debris. Installed in seconds, the clips require no drilling, nails, screws or adhesive. Click HERE>>

DRJ: The World's Largest BC/DR Conference Save the Date. Mar. 25 - 28, 2012: Orlando. Backed by 20+ years of experience, Spring World 2012 offers the most educational opportunities, networking events and cutting-edge information available. Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update
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“Aligning Crisis Management to Organizational Strategy” Conference
November 17-18, 2011 – Bogota, Colombia – Alcont (Asociacion Latinoamericana de Continuidad) is hosting its first annual conference: “Aligning Crisis Management to Organizational Strategy.” The agenda offers both technical and academic updates in BCM Programs for profit and non-profit organizations; local and international BCM Benchmark dynamics; and full and clear understanding of tools and best practices presented by BCM leaders. Click HERE>>

MissionMode and AccuWeather Partner to Provide Crisis Management Tools
Winston-Salem, NC – This partnership transforms how organizations respond to the threat of severe weather. Site-specific weather warnings from AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions are integrated with MissionMode's Situation Center, an online command center for sending mass notifications and coordinating crisis response activities. Click HERE>>

SunGard Availability Services Launches New Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Services
Application availability is a key priority for IT organizations supporting mission-critical business processes. But many companies grapple with identifying the most effective, secure and efficient solution that fits the complexity of their IT environments. To help organizations meet this challenge, SunGard is augmenting its portfolio of offerings with Recover2Cloud, a suite of managed recovery services backed by guaranteed service levels. Click HERE>>

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