If getting ahead in business is about what and who you know, then you shouldn't miss RIMS 2010 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Boston on April 25-29. This is where the risk management community comes together to learn, network and think forward, think risk. Register now. Click HERE>>

Converging I.S. and Privacy Activities During BC In a business interruption or disaster, information and associated access is impacted and so are their safeguards. When the information is personally identifiable, privacy also becomes an issue. Rebecca Herold tells us more. Click HERE>>

  • Who’s Who in BC, EM & DR?
    You have come to the right place! The evolving GUIDE has been the “GO-TO ” source for almost 20 years. If you don’t find a company here, think twice about entrusting your mission critical projects. We present them to you in our 6 content categories. Click HERE>>
  • Canada Needs A Better Cyberspace Strategy
    A Canadian cybersecurity expert says there is a “surprising vacuum” in the country’s policy around cyberspace in general. Click HERE>>
  • More Water Treatment Plants Need Chemical Security
    The chlorine that keeps drinking water clean is a security threat. Major water treatment plants are replacing it with safer chemicals, but others need to follow suit. Click HERE>>
  • Hack Alert: Trojan Horse Rides with Energizer Bunny
    A yet-unknown culprit inserted a Trojan horse malware into the software of an Energizer USB battery charger, giving hackers access to the user’s Windows PC. Click HERE>>
  • How Post 9/11 Funds Are Being Spent
    The Texas Tribune reports on a year-long analysis of how U.S. cities and states – particularly Texas – have spent the preparedness grants doled out after the 9/11 attacks. Click HERE>>
  • Comparing Chile to FEMA
    Veteran aid experts say Chile’s response to its catastrophic earthquake is impressive, though most Chileans wish their government had acted faster. Click HERE>>
  • How to Protect Your Smartphone
    For anyone who stores sensitive information on their smartphone, these 5 security tips are essential. Read on for how to use the anti-hacking features built into your smartphone. Click HERE>>

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World Conf. on Disaster Mgmt. June 6-9. Toronto, Can. Emergency Management & Business Continuity Working Together: the largest annual conference in the world that brings together professionals from these and other disciplines. Click HERE>>

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CSTI’s Crisis Communications and the Media Course
CSTI’s Crisis Communications and the Media course is a progressive series designed for professionals working with the media in times of crisis. The program includes: PIO team development, communications skills, news releases and on-camera interviews. Lessons learned from media and agency representatives during crisis events are emphasized. Certifications available, for more information go to www.csti.ca.gov. Click HERE>>

Asia-Oceania Resilience Conference, Singapore, October 2010
Asia-Oceania Resilience 2010, organized by the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), is the first conference to bring together public- and private-sector “resilience professionals” in business continuity, emergency management, crisis management, disaster recovery, security and disaster relief. 250 attendees expected from 29 countries in Asia, Australia, New Zealand. Conference fee and sponsorships are very reasonably priced when converted to US dollars. Click HERE>>

CIDI Urges Appropriate Response to Chile Earthquake
The Center for International Disaster Information encourages Americans to respond responsibly to the recent earthquake in Chile. To best help the victims, Americans are asked to donate cash as an alternative to in-kind donations such as clothing and canned goods. Cash donations are the most efficient means of relief, a policy supported by CIDI's funding partner, the US Agency for International Development's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance. Click HERE>>

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