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eBRP – Intelligent Incident Management Why only create Plans? eBRP’s suite of web-based utilities allows you to combine actionable Plans with IT and Business Process data to enable real-time, intelligent Incident Management in response to any business disruption. Click HERE>>

Managing Today's Existing Access Control Systems An ACS is vital to infrastructure and a building’s protection. Maintenance, and alarms’ integrity, is critical. Two experts discuss here the several strategies to assist in maintaining the life of your building’s system. Click HERE>>

The 13th annual Disaster Resource GUIDE is in production!
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FBI, NYC Showing Signs of Truce after Anti-Terror Turf Fight
In the spring of 2002, NYC built its own counterterrorism effort – and wanted to stop relying on the FBI for classified data. But it’s taken the FBI six years to approve the move. Click HERE>>

Four Good Reasons for Security to Talk to HR
When an employee breaches security, most security professionals want that person fired immediately. But when HR won’t let it happen, what’s a security pro to do? Click HERE>>

DHS, States Could Compromise on Controversial ID Rules
Late last week, the DHS hinted at a possible deal to end its standoff with states over new driver’s license rules. Will a compromise help us avoid air travel headaches? Click HERE>>

The Five P’s of Crisis Communications
When companies go into crisis mode, it can be tough to communicate with clients. But according to one consultant, it doesn’t have to be that way. Click HERE>>

Data Security is Top Tech Issue for Colleges
The nation’s colleges and universities are facing increasingly difficult challenges trying to safeguard students' private information, according to a new survey. Click HERE>>

Sturdy Cars Make It Harder for First Responders
The automotive industry has worked hard to create sturdy, safe cars. But a new report says those improvements make it harder for first responders to do their jobs. Click HERE>>

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DSPN Workshops
Learn best practices for designing and implementing a properly sequenced BC Plan. Study proven steps for constructing exercises efficiently, using industry best practices. Group discounts are available. Click HERE>>

Emergency Lifeline
New Website!
The Deskit - An individual kit with Velcro fasteners to allow storage on the inner side of a desk for easy access during an emergency. Compact, lightweight with 72-hours of support for one person. Click HERE>>

CPM West.
Las Vegas: May 20 - 22. This training event will provide you with a complete risk management education, as well as opportunities to network with your peers. Over 60 sessions on key issues and strategies. Click HERE>>

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AmeriVault Adds Prominent CPA Firm in New England
Waltham, MA – AmeriVault, a provider of online data backup, offsite storage, and recovery services, recently announced the addition of Carlin, Charron and Rosen, LLP (CCR), an “Accounting Today”“Top 100 Firm,” as a customer. CCR is one of New England’s leading independent regional certified public accounting and business advisory firms with offices in Boston and Westborough, Mass., Glastonbury, Conn., and Providence, Rhode Island.  Click HERE>>

Swift Lift Product – A Help In Loading Heavy Items Unto Trucks
Swift Lift is a new hydraulic crane that is designed to load heavy objects into a truck with ease. Having a sporty “roll bar” look, it quickly transforms into a crane capable of lifting up to 1,000 lbs. into a truck bed in seconds, using an electric/hydraulic pump. It is powder coated for weather durability, and is powered by a 3000 psi marine duty pump and hydraulic ram. A limiting valve prevents one from lifting more weight than the truck bed is capable of handling. Click HERE>>

NIDS Announces its Biohazard Decontamination Pre-Need Service Program
This National Institute of Decontamination Specialists’ program provides a 24-hour hotline to mobilize trained crews throughout the US and Canada to clean and disinfect scenes related to crimes of violence, tear gas, disease outbreaks, human/bird/animal waste, mass casualty incidents, industrial accidents, terrorism, or health hazards. NIDS is in its second decade of operation as a resource for finding decontamination assistance. Click HERE>>

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