Ready America to Supply Emergency Drinking Water for NYC through 2022. Aqua Literz and Aqua Blox drinking water will be provided to the city ‘s Emergency Management agency as part of its stock pile of emergency relief supplies, which ordinarily includes more than one million liters of water. This order is enough to hydrate more than 500,000 people in the event of a disaster and it eliminates the need for costly bottled water rotation every 1-2 years. Click HERE>>

Ask Betsy – (Think Dear Abby -- but for Business Continuity!) DRII’s Women in Business Continuity Management will focus on education and safety. Join the discussion on Nov. 8 at 2:00 p.m. ET with Betsy Sayers, MBCP, ITIL, ICS - IT/DR. With more than 25 years of industry experience, Betsy will share her views on the best tools to communicate clearly -- and with objectivity --while maintaining a style that honors who you are and what you believe. Click HERE>>

  • Manifesto for Organizational Resilience
    Much debate has focused on the principles and practice of organizational resilience, and how this relates to the established business continuity management discipline. Read this BCI paper which provides clarity on the position of business continuity in the context of organizational resilience and the goal of collaboration between professionals across many management disciplines. To know more go to>>
  • Personal Protection
    Desjardins Group, National Bank of Canada, Deloitte and RHEA Group announce the formation of a new cybersecurity non-profit and app for smartphone users. Click HERE>>
  • The People In Your Neighborhood
    After a natural disaster hits, people are often left wondering how they’ll put their community back together. CNBC provides a list of 11 professions which ramp up their efforts to help with that return to normality. Click HERE>>
  • Readiness Begins at Home
    With increased experience and awareness of resources, families are showing greater degrees of preparedness for hurricanes. Click HERE>>
  • Nuclear Option
    Nuclear operators look to demonstrate their improved safety procedures during Hurricane Florence, based on lessons learned from the Fukushima disaster. Click HERE>>
  • Away from the Storm
    Shelter options are growing in the wake of large scale disasters. Recently, Airbnb sent out a request to hosts to open their homes for free to those displaced by Hurricane Florence. Click HERE>>
  • International Defense
    Germany announces a new agency, intended to invest in cybersecurity research and reduce German reliance on other nations for digital technologies. Click HERE>>

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BELFOR Property Restoration
A case study of how BELFOR helped a Ferguson Showroom/ Warehouse recover quickly from an unexpected tornado outbreak and met the customer's needs with dedicated customer service. Click HERE>>

The KOOL Kit Key benefits for the ones you care about... The KOOL Kit provides 3-day support. Long shelf-life. At $30, this valuable kit costs less than what you might spend assembling a kit on your own AND it saves you time. Packed in a bag to keep things KOOL! Click HERE>>

Continuity Insights New York 2018
will be held October 22 in the Wyndham, just a few steps from NYC's Penn Station. CINY brings together BC professionals from industry and government to examine continuity and recovery planning. Click HERE>>

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Powered for Patients Provides Guidance on Safeguarding Emergency Power for States in Hurricane Florence's Path
As the threat of Hurricane Florence intensifies, Powered for Patients, a 501c3 non-profit created after Hurricane Sandy, on Sept. 11 issued a press release urging government officials, utilities and healthcare facilities in Florence’s path to take important steps now to safeguard emergency power and accelerate prioritized power restoration for critical healthcare facilities impacted by Hurricane Florence. The non-profit’s mission is to safeguard emergency power and expedite power restoration for critical healthcare facilities by fostering increased collaboration and information sharing between critical healthcare facilities, government and utilities when emergency power is threatened during disasters. Powered for Patients has published an Emergency Power System Resilience Checklist that details the key steps facility managers should take before, during and after a disaster to safeguard emergency power systems. Click HERE>>

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