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The Making of a Resilient Future - Disaster Risk in Developing Countries
In this PrepTalk, Francis Ghesquiere presents a global perspective on the need to improve disaster resilience. He highlights the scale of the challenge, from rapid urbanization in areas at risk of earthquakes and floods, to the increasing frequency and intensity of storms. Click HERE>>

  • Insight Papers from Professionals New to the Industry
    This new BCI publication showcases four professionals who are new to the industry. These professionals have entered the BC and resilience world during a time of change. Find out how they deal with challenges in an ever changing industry in four topic areas: Collaboration in the Public Eye, Collaborating in Today’s Business Environment, Planning in the Public Sector, Today’s Future. Click HERE>>
  • Personal Protection
    Hacker attacks are becoming more common, and here's what individuals and companies can do when their data is breached. Click HERE>>
  • From Rescued Dog to Rescue Dogs
    A non-profit seeks to train dogs in animal shelters as search and rescue workers. Click HERE>>
  • Preparedness Begins at Home
    Calgary, Alberta looks to launch an online tool to help residents identify and prepare for potential disasters in their neighborhoods. Click HERE>>
  • A Crisis of Youth
    A new study shows one in five deaths of young people was linked to opioid abuse. Click HERE>>
  • Before the Storm
    Electrical companies and power generators work to harden systems against extreme weather events. Click HERE>>
  • Making Waves
    Space-based synthetic aperture radar companies apply their tools to disaster response. Click HERE>>

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Desalination Emergency Response Trailer by Ready America
Once access to running water has been disrupted, the ability to filter and/or purify non-potable sources of water becomes critical. Ready America has a solution that delivers up to 4,000 gallons per day. Watch the video>>

Nashville Business Resilience 1-Day Conference June 26 Natural and man-made disasters are an increasingly serious risk. Many organizations never reopen; more suffer persistent negative consequences. Grow your management skills & minimize the impact of disasters. Click HERE>>

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DRJ Presents It's 59th Conference
September 23rd-26th, 2018, JW Marriott Desert Ridge, Phoenix

DRJ returns to Phoenix, Arizona, for the 59th conference. This is your exclusive opportunity to spend three days with top industry experts. Gain the skills and knowledge you need to feel confident your organization is resilient and prepared for risk. The conference will give you ample opportunities to learn, network, relax and to connect with your peers. The theme of "Reimagining Business Resiliency" ensures you're equipped for today's disruptions and tomorrow's emerging threats.

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Ready America to Supply Emergency Drinking Water for NYC
Ready America, a leading disaster supply business, is pleased to announce that it has been chosen to supply emergency drinking water to the city of New York.  In a major announcement for the southern California-based company, New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) has contracted Ready America to replenish its supplies of emergency drinking water through 2022.  The Aqua Literz and Aqua Blox drinking water will be provided to NYCEM as part of its stock pile of emergency relief supplies, which ordinarily includes more than one million liters of water.

"This order for emergency drinking water is enough to hydrate more than 500,000 people in the event of a disaster," said Ready America CEO Dean Reese. "And it eliminates the need for costly bottled water rotation every 12 months to two years."  Dean Reese may be reached via email at dean@readyamerica.com

To learn more about Ready America please visit www.readyamerica.com and for more information on Aqua Literz and Aqua Blox go to www.aquablox.com

Supply Chain/BCM Training Online from DRI
Supply chain disruptions are one of the greatest concerns for business continuity professionals! DRI International's new supply chain management course delivers critical knowledge in an innovative, new multimedia format. The course will cover strategies for managing business continuity in your supply chain and teach you how to apply supply chain management (SCM) to your business continuity management (BCM) program. Over 3.5 hours of online instruction, you'll hear from experts, view compelling video content, participate in interactive Q&As, and test your knowledge - knowledge that is critical to your employer as well as your professional growth. DRI Certified Professionals will earn 4 CEAPs for completing the course. Click HERE>>

Based on the philosophy of "working together", the Wednesday Continuity e-GUIDE provides a concise seven-day snapshot of the business continuity and emergency management industry from around the world right down to the local level.

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