Critical Incident Management on the Corporate Campus
70% of active shooter situations are over within 5 minutes according to the FBI. Unfortunately, for large corporate campuses, rapid response for any type of event can be challenging given their size and openness. This whitepaper will help you learn how your organization can improve overall employee safety. Download the whitepaper.

2018 Trends and Predictions -- A Webinar Today at 2 PM EST
How to Prepare for 2018-- Join Lyndon Bird, Chair of DRI Intl's Future Vision Committee, and Chloe Demrovsky, DRI CEO, as they discuss the findings of the third annual global risk and resilience report. Register and download the reports from the DRI Resource Library. Register>>

  • 2018 Good Practice Guidelines is Released from The BCI
    The GPG 2018 edition is the definitive guide for business continuity and resilience professionals. The GPG draws on the knowledge of practitioners from all over the world as well as information within International Standards. The GPG takes a collaborative approach to BC, ensuring organizations and individuals understand how to work with related management disciplines to successfully implement their business continuity solutions. Check out the guidelines>>
  • False Alarm In Hawaii
    How did changes in the emergency notification systems result in Hawaii sending a false alarm during a regular drill? Click HERE>>
  • Change Starts From Within
    Local governments are working to protect their IT systems against disaster. Click HERE>>
  • Fire Fighters
    The NFPA has announced the fast tracking of a new standard for preparedness and response to active shooter events. Click HERE>>
  • Out of this World
    An interview with Lindley Johnson on his role as NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer and the Near Earth Object Observation Program. Click HERE>>
  • The Law of the Land
    In 2018, a series of legal cases and bills could reshape existing laws around cybersecurity. Click HERE>>
  • Delayed Response
    Five years after the Sandy Hook school shooting, the Connecticut State Police have released an After Action report. Click HERE>>

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Desalination Emergency Response Trailer by Ready America
Once access to running water has been disrupted, the ability to filter and/or purify non-potable sources of water becomes critical. Ready America has a solution that delivers up to 4,000 gallons per day. Watch the video.

takes your ServiceNow platform to the next level by bridging the gap between business resiliency and information technology recovery. Illuminates gaps between critical business processes and information technology resources. Click HERE>>

ROI Toolkit Now Available for Spring World-DRJ 2018
The tools you gain at Spring World 2018 will help your organization reduce downtime, increase safety, secure data, and reduce risk. The ROI Toolkit helps you justify this worthwhile investment! March 25-28, 2018 Click HERE>>

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Physical security and emergency communications
Preserving physical security and safety of employees is the greatest concern for business continuity and resilience professionals, especially, when it comes to producing emergency communications plans. This is what emerged from the latest Emergency Communication Report, published by the Business Continuity Institute, which showed that one third (34%) of the countries visited by those employees are considered 'high risk' for safety-related concerns. Get the report>>

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