Aqua Blox is Back!! Ready America has acquired the rights to Aqua Blox, a leader in emergency preparedness drinking water. Aqua Blox specializes in 5-year shelf life drinking water that eliminates the need for costly bottled water rotation every 12 months to two years. Aqua Blox water is packaged in a variety of sizes, including the popular 200 ml slim sized package that contains 6.75 ounces. The company is a GSA contractor. Click HERE>>

Social Media & Reputation: Bad news spreads at the touch of a button! In 2017 alone, there were at least six cases of ‘social media fails’ from global organizations. The question now is: how does this link with business continuity? By working closely, BC managers and reputation managers can take measures to protect the organizations’ reputation online and offline. Learn how from the experts at The BCI. Click HERE>>

  • Alliance of Cloud Vendors Eager to Help in Crisis Response
    Crisis frequency is accelerating, humanitarian orgs are embracing the cloud and cloud technologies are becoming more interoperable. is an alliance of cloud technology vendors eager to help humanitarian organizations make the most of these trends.
    The founding coalition of cloud vendors, Box,, DocuSign, Okta, Splunk, Tableau and Twilio , are exploring the best use of their respective technologies to nurture cross-cloud innovation in the crisis-response domain.
    These organizations share the belief that combining their resources will help emergency responders accelerate cross-cloud platform innovation. The coalition aims to help organizations research, affordably acquire, build and fund successful cloud solutions that can make huge differences in saving lives. Click HERE>>
  • Wireless Upgrades
    The FCC denies the requests of the five largest wireless carriers for more time to implement upgrades to Wireless Emergency Alerts. Click HERE>>
  • The Business of Recovery
    The response of businesses in the Philippines to Typhoon Haiyan offers insights into how the private sector can assist in disaster recovery. Click HERE>>
  • School Security
    How can schools meet modern security challenges to reduce risk and improve student safety? Click HERE>>
  • Cold Warning
    With tensions growing between the US and North Korea, Hawaii resumes monthly testing of the Attack Warning Tone. Click HERE>>
  • The Basics of Crisis Response
    What questions should you ask when putting together a crisis response? Click HERE>>
  • Weekly Wrap-up
    Sentinel One offers a summary of recent stories in cybersecurity. Click HERE>>

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FairchildApp takes your ServiceNow platform to the next level by bridging the gap between business resiliency and information technology recovery. Illuminates gaps between critical business processes and information technology resources. Click HERE>>

BELFOR Property Restoration A case study of how BELFOR helped a Ferguson Showroom/ Warehouse recover quickly from an unexpected tornado outbreak and met the customer's needs with dedicated, professional, customer-oriented service. Click HERE>>

DRI2018 - Save the Date! February 11-14, Nashville. Get a first-rate educational experience that informs and inspires. This is a unique opportunity to hear and speak with the leading experts in our industry - real industry leaders from around the globe talking about their actual experiences. Click HERE>>

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Risk Management - December 1, 2017
Whether it was natural disasters, cyberattacks, corporate crises, political uncertainty or terrorist activity, risk events made high-profile and often sobering headlines in 2017. Morgan O'Rourke (Editor of Risk Management magazine) provides the following review of the year in risk. This analysis can help risk professionals learn from the past so that they can better prepare for future threats. Click HERE>>

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December 20, 2017 - Business Resiliency Virtual Roundtable: Lessons Learned in 2017
December 13, 2017 -

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