BCM Software Spotlight. In 2016 BCM software options can be overwhelming. The right software can add tremendous value to your BC program. But, how to choose? This spotlight includes a features matrix in 14 categories with 168 criteria plus BCM solutions from four industry leaders. Let us help!>>

Often when a crisis occurs, there will be a flood of mindless crisis management commentary giving the impression that if you do a few things right, quickly; the problem is over before it begins. Crisis guru James Lukaszewski tells how to deal with this pattern of crisis reporting. Click HERE>>

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  • Orlando - Three Crises in One Week
    Major crises are, fortunately, rare events for most cities to address. But Orlando, known to locals as the "City Beautiful" and to families worldwide as a happy vacation spot, is reeling from three tragedies in one week. And right at the beginning of tourist season. How will they manage? Click HERE>>
  • Safety First
    How business continuity should happen on the first day on the job, and other lessons from the World Conference on Disaster Management in Toronto. Click HERE>>
  • Four Steps to Effective Crisis Communications
    How to manage corporate messaging in stressful times. Click HERE>>
  • A Roadblock on the Information Superhighway
    What Singapore’s internet ban for public workers may portend for the bigger picture. Click HERE>>
  • New Challenges for Urban Emergency Management
    Pittsburgh is overhauling its procedures to deal with political and sports related incidents. Click HERE>>
  • An Inside Job
    How cyber criminals can sometimes come from within the building. Click HERE>>

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Aqua Blox is Back!! Ready America has acquired the rights to Aqua Blox, a leader in emergency preparedness drinking water. Aqua Blox, which also markets Aqua Literz, specializes in 5-year shelf life drinking water that eliminates the need for costly bottled water rotation. Click HERE>>

Emergency Lifeline Preparedness Supplies The Deskit - An individual kit with Velcro fasteners to allow storage on the inner side of a desk for easy access in an emergency. Compact, lightweight with 72-hours of support for one person. Click HERE>>

DRJ Fall World 2016
features the best in business continuity expertise, research and analysis. We are the number one business continuity conference in the industry. Our new location is in Phoenix, Arizona from Sept. 18 - 21, 2016. Register here.

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DRI International Healthcare Continuity Course
Whether it's responding to emergencies, fending off ransomware, or preparing for the potential threat of Zika and other viruses, healthcare facilities have plenty of reasons to take to take business continuity seriously and ensure they're ready for whatever comes next.

DRI's Healthcare Continuity course teaches healthcare organizations how to develop a comprehensive business continuity program that helps employees and patients by protecting service delivery and data availability when they're needed most.

The course covers business continuity best practices for the healthcare field, with a curriculum that reflects the NFPA 1600, Joint Commission, HIPAA, and other vital laws, regulations, and standards. The course is designed to give students the tools they need to pass the Healthcare Examination and continue on the path toward becoming a DRI Certified Healthcare Provider Continuity Professional (CHPCP) or Associate Healthcare Provider Continuity Professional (AHPCP).

Upcoming courses in the U.S. and Canada, or take the web-based version online.
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Based on the philosophy of "working together", the Wednesday Continuity e-GUIDE provides a concise seven-day snapshot of the business continuity and emergency management industry from around the world right down to the local level.

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