Bellevue University's new bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management will prepare you to play a key role in keeping your community safe. Bellevue University serves more than 16,000 students annually at a total of nine locations in three states -- and everywhere online Click HERE>>

While the intent of the traditional BIA is sound in theory, Bill Bedsole writes that the BIA process repeatedly fails to produce the desired results and delays the recovery planning process. Read about six flaws he finds in the usual BIA in this week’s Meet the Experts. Click HERE>>

  • Editorial Opportunities for the GUIDE in 2013 and 2014....
    Time is of the essence! We're looking for editorial for the 16th Disaster Resource GUIDE, the Continuity e-GUIDE and for the online GUIDE. For a list of the topics of interest and details on how to submit an article, Click HERE>>
  • Learning Lessons the Hard Way in West, Texas
    Learn how simple steps NOT taken have come back to haunt the residents of West, TX. What went wrong at the West fertilizer plant and how did safety checks fail? Click HERE>>
  • Disasters Go Digital
    How can emergency planners use social media effectively when disaster strikes? The recent Super Storm Sandy brought to light some lessons on how to do just that. Click HERE>>
  • Flood Disaster Lessons Used and Those Lessons That Still Needing Learning
    What was learned in the aftermath of devastating floods in Iowa in 2008, and how is that being applied to future storms? And what still needs to be learned? Click HERE>>
  • Disaster Preparedness in the Shadow of Terror: The Boston Marathon Bombings
    It is hard to prepare for acts of terror since no one usually knows when they will happen. However, businesses can take certain steps to help them weather such events. Click HERE>>
  • Days of Dangerous Tornado Lead to Lessons Learned
    What were the lessons learned from the deadly tornado in Charlotte, NC, in March 2012? Striking in the early morning hours, most residents had no warning when it hit. Click HERE>>
  • Dealing With the New Normal in Weather Patterns
    With global climate change factoring more and more into daily life around the world, what can leaders do to keep citizens safe from extreme weather events? Click HERE>>

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New Mobile Kitchen positions Piccadilly to provide emergency relief meals rapidly and nationally
Piccadilly Restaurants, LLC announces a new division within its restaurant and food service company, Piccadilly Emergency Services. This division allows the company to streamline efforts to conduct mass feedings during post-disaster situations and times of crisis. Piccadilly Emergency Services utilizes innovative technology in emergency food service feedings. The new Piccadilly Emergency Kitchen is a unique device that’s capable of serving 100,000 meals in a single day. Click HERE>>

Good Things Come in Threes: eBRP Garners 3rd 2013 BCI Award
eBRP completed the BCM version of a cricket or hockey “hat trick” after being named winner of the inaugural BCI European Business Continuity Product Provider of the Year award. This is the 3rd BCI Regional Award garnered by eBRP in 2013. In March, eBRP was named winner of the Product Provider award in North America, presented in Orlando, FL. On May 29th eBRP picked up the same for the Middle East at a ceremony in Dubai, UAE. Click HERE>>

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