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The Importance of Cyber Security Within Your Organization Cyber Security is an important BCP/COOP issue, but unless you get buy-in across the board, Cyber Security policies and procedures will be ignored. Ted Brown has some helpful suggestions to achieve buy-in. Click HERE>>

  • Hunting Black Swans in Your Continuity Program
    Volume II, Quarry 2: Power Outages:  Isolation Effects. A Black Swan in Business Continuity Management is an untreated point of failure. This is the fourteenth in a series by Kathleen Lucey regarding hunting and mastery of black swans. Click HERE>>
  • Cybersecurity Lessons Learned That Can Make a Difference
    Preparing ahead of time for a data breach and using lessons learned from past breaches can help companies recover more quickly and more effectively. Click HERE>>
  • Oklahoma’s Emergency Director Speaks Out
    A rash of tornadoes struck Oklahoma in May, including an EF5, revealing disaster preparation and response deficiencies. What is being done to alleviate these problems? Click HERE>>
  • Area Improvements in Wake of 2008 Flood Leads to Better Preparedness
    The most important parts of a disaster, outside of recovery, are the lessons learned. See what Wisconsin area emergency managers learned from the 2008 floods. Click HERE>>
  • Updated Guidance Helps Prevent Pandemics at All Levels
    How can recent updates to the WHO’s influenza and pandemic guidance help prevent future outbreaks? Find out how the local level has taken center stage. Click HERE>>
  • When Is it Okay to Be Silent in a Crisis?
    The recent phone records scandal with the NSA has left a few companies, such as Verizon, looking bad. So far they have remained silent. Will that strategy work? Click HERE>>
  • Healthcare Leads the Way in Lessons Learned from Hurricanes
    How can lessons learned in the healthcare field following devastating storms be used in other industries? Read on for some of the more important lessons learned. Click HERE>>

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The KOOL Kit provides 72-hour support for 1 person. Long shelf-life contents. At only $25, it costs less than what you might spend assembling a kit on your own AND it saves you time. Packed in a bag that can be used to keep things KOOL! Click HERE>>

Small Business Plan Template Just fill in the blanks! DSPN offers a simple, affordable and self-paced template to combine business recovery plans with emergency response plans. Available in IBM® or Macintosh® in Microsoft Word® format. Click HERE>>

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Dr. Gerald Lewis’ New Book: “Resilience in Law Enforcement: Peer Support Team”
While focusing specifically on police, this is an 80+ page "nuts and bolts" guide for any emergency service organization wishing to improve the resilience of individuals as well as the department as a whole. Designed in an 8.5 x 11 inch format, it includes, policies, articles, documents, and other materials that are suitable for reprint and distribution. Click HERE>>

29th Annual Disaster Preparedness Academy in Orange County, CA: Oct. 30th
Trained. Empowered. Prepared. What is your game plan? Your disaster recovery depends on a winning strategy. With you in mind, the American Red Cross is making this easy and affordable. Training is tailored to meet the needs of large and small business, school, university, government, nonprofit, faith-based and community members. 24 workshops: Earthquake, Active Shooter, Evacuation, Terrorism, Drills & Exercises and more. Click HERE>>

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