CPM East 2013. Washington, DC. May 13-15. Master the disaster management cycle! Get the tools you need to develop and execute policies and procedures for maintaining and restoring operations in the event of natural or man-made threats. Plan step-by-step with the experts! Click HERE>>

How Firms Should Fight Rumors Rumors can come from any direction, at any time. They are frequently a mix of fiction and fact, but they may also be unconfirmed fact that has escaped control. Andrew Hiles explains how to see the early warning signs and combat these rumors. Click HERE>>

  • 16th Disaster Resource GUIDE Publishes May 2013: Call for Articles
    We are seeking editorial in six content categories: Planning & Management, Human Concerns, Information Availability & Security, Satcom/Telecom, Facility Issues & Crisis Communications & Response. For more information Click HERE>>
  • School Safety Addressed at National School Conference
    In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut, this year’s conference focused on how to deal with shootings on campus, as well as natural disasters and bullying. Click HERE>>
  • What to Do Before a Disaster Strikes
    Hard lessons were learned when Hurricane Sandy struck New York in fall 2012. Even though New York area hospitals weathered the storm, key areas needed improvement. Click HERE>>
  • Reacting Effectively in a Crisis
    Just as important as response time is how businesses and individuals react in a crisis. Social media provides a quick and easy way to respond during a crisis, but is the tool underused? Click HERE>>
  • Planning a Response: How to Develop an Effective CIRP
    A company’s Computer Incident Response Plan could make the difference between stopping a data breach and losing valuable company assets in the form of proprietary content. Click HERE>>
  • Indian Scientists Devise 16 Disaster Management Drugs
    These disaster management drugs include an anti-cyanide drug, an anti-nerve gas drug, and an anti-toxic gas drug. Find out who will use them and why. Click HERE>>
  • How to Protect Business Continuity When Migrating to a New OS
    How should organizations handle OS migrations to software such as Windows 8 or other platforms? And how does security of sensitive data come into play during a migration? Click HERE>>

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Connecting You to Global Ideas There is no other conference quite like the WCDM. This is the ONE conference you can't afford to miss. It provides a unique venue for Disaster Management professionals from around the world to present, network with peers and learn. Click HERE>>

Small Business Plan Template Just fill in the blanks! DSPN offers a simple, affordable and self-paced template to combine business recovery plans with emergency response plans. Available in IBM® or Macintosh® in Microsoft Word® format. Click HERE>>

CPM East 2013. Washington, DC. May 13-15. Master the disaster management cycle! Get the tools you need to develop and execute policies and procedures for maintaining and restoring operations in the event of natural or man-made threats. Click HERE>>

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Polygon Acquires Rapid Refile to Expand Document Restoration Services
Andover, MA – Polygon US Corporation, a provider of document restoration, announced recently the acquisition of Rapid Refile LLC., a provider of document recovery, drying, scanning, and restoration services headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The acquisition by Polygon adds to Polygon’s existing Document Restoration capabilities. Click HERE>>

Flu is in but Patients are out; Hospitals Turn to Surge Facilities as Virus Spreads
In recent weeks, the flu has topped headlines as being one of the worst outbreaks in years. The virus is spreading at an exponential rate, forcing many infected Americans to skip work or school and head for hospitals. However, the rapid onset of flu cases has left hospitals flooded with patients, leaving little to no room for developing cases. Many hospitals have turned to mobile surge facilities to accommodate the increasing number of patients. Click HERE>>

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