31st Annual Gartner Data Center Conference, Dec. 3 - 6, The Venetian Las Vegas. New session just announced: Preparing for the Next Sandy. Plus, full track covering "Modernizing Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Management". Don't miss our 47 Gartner analysts on-site! Click HERE>>

Disaster Recovery Planning - Bridging the Gap. What kind of planning mistakes are companies making? What does the future look like for disaster planning in virtualized environments? These are a few of the questions Josh Mazgelis of Neverfail will answer in this article. Click HERE>>

  • Hunting Black Swans in Your Continuity Program
    Quarry 7 Exercising Your Plans: Logistics, Communications, and Support Plans. A Black Swan in BCM is an untreated point of failure. This is the seventh in a series by Kathleen Lucey regarding hunting and mastery of black swans. Click HERE>>
  • A Primer in Effective Crisis Communication
    Manhattan Mayor Michael Bloomberg showcased effective communications in a crisis before, during, and after the recent Hurricane Sandy. How did he do it? Click HERE>>
  • Hospitals Fail to Take Disasters Seriously
    With recent evacuations at NY hospitals during Hurricane Sandy, many Americans now wonder if our hospitals are prepared to survive a natural disaster. Click HERE>>
  • When Disaster Plans Meet the Unstoppable Force
    The inadequacies of many disaster plans were laid bare during and after Hurricane Sandy. What were the problems, and how can they be fixed? Click HERE>>
  • What a Difference Seven Years Make
    How has FEMA grown in the years since the debacle that was Hurricane Katrina. The recent super storm Sandy has put the agency to the test, with glowing results. Click HERE>>
  • Effective Crisis Response for the CEO, Employee, and Organization
    What is the best way for an organization to respond to a crisis, what role should each manager take, and how should employees be expected to react in a crisis? Click HERE>>
  • Possible Futures in Cyber Warfare
    The U.S. government continues to develop new ways to battle cyber terrorists. But how do they encourage use by businesses and individuals of these new technologies? Click HERE>>

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DRJ Spring World 2013. Mar. 17-20, Orlando. Outstanding line-up of experts who will address the most relevant issues affecting practitioners and their organizations. Find what you need to improve your programs' effectiveness and efficiency. Click HERE>>

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The 2012 World Conference on Disaster Management Survey is now LIVE! 
The organizers want your feedback. Help shape the 2013 conference and be entered into two draws: #1. A Full Conference Pass to the 2013 event ($1000 value!) #2. The new iPad 3 for ‘Best New Idea’! Be sure to complete this survey by November 14, 2012 for your chance to win! This survey is 100% confidential. Click HERE>>

Catalyst BC Software Named “Business Continuity Innovation of the Year” 
Avalution Consulting - a provider of business continuity and IT disaster recovery consulting, outsourcing and software solutions - is honored to announce that Catalyst business continuity software was named Business Continuity Innovation of the Year at the first annual BCI Middle East Awards. Catalyst is a world-wide success because it provides the power of enterprise software with simple functionality that anyone can use to drive preparedness. Click HERE>>

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