Booz Allen Hamilton’s report “Mitigating Our Nation’s Risks: Calling Upon the Whole Community” offers a comprehensive view of the current state of the nation’s hazard mitigation efforts and how whole community thinking can significantly improve mitigation. Click HERE>>

The Anatomy of a Disaster (and how to prevent one) When planning for disasters (or downtime), it is important to understand the stages of a disaster and how each stage relates to your overall prevention strategy. Ross Clurman, of Neverfail, explains. Click HERE>>

CPM West 2012
  • Calling All Industry Associations
    The Online Disaster Resource GUIDE can promote your group and its news - free of charge. We invite you to tell the industry about your group's mission, meeting dates, resources, etc. It's easy. You can manage online information and update as often as you like. Click here to get more info.
  • A Call for Action: Need for Improvement After Chevron Refinery Fire
    A recent finery fire has revealed the blatant disregard for regulations put in place for public safety. What can be done to ensure compliance and enhance safety? Click HERE>>
  • Being Prepared on the Ring of Fire
    The U.S tries to prepare for natural disaster in the immense Asia-Pacific region through readiness exercises around the region, as nations prepare for the next big crisis. Click HERE>>
  • What Could Have Prevented the BP Oil Spill?
    In 1988, the Alpha Piper sank in the North Sea, taking 167 men down with it. Could lessons from the Piper Alpha have helped prevent the BP oil spill? Click HERE>>
  • Little Sense of Urgency
    What has been learned about campus security since the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech? Recent events indicate we still need better disaster response at our nation’s colleges. Click HERE>>
  • The Growing Threat of Cyber Attacks and Domestic Terrorism
    Why the American public should look for attacks from within. Let’s look at the new terrorist arenas, cyberspace and domestic terrorism. Click HERE>>
  • 5 Tips to Effectively Managing a Crisis
    What are the best ways to deal with a crisis? The following 5 tips are aimed at helping business leaders effectively manage a crisis situation. Click HERE>>

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72-hour Preparedness... Is your family prepared for a disaster? The deluxe family kit has basics needed by a family of 4. Includes long shelf life food & water and supplies for medical, sanitation, lighting, warmth, communications and more. Order today>>

CPM West Conf. & Expo Oct. 8-11: Dallas. Revise, Revamp or Reinforce Your Contingency Plan. Develop or fine tune your plan with practical strategies by leading experts. FREE Expo & DRG Subscribers Save 10% on conference prices (Code CPM01). Click HERE>>

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Neverfail Continuous Availability Suite Protects Businesses from Downtime and Kicks Off New Contest to Prove It 
Austin, TX ­ Neverfail’s Continuous Availability Suite reduces downtime for tier-1 applications in today’s hybrid data-centers. To celebrate greater protection from more sources of downtime, Neverfail recently announced the commencement of its “No Downtime” contest for its customers. Click HERE>>

28th Annual Disaster Preparedness Academy (DPA) in Orange County, CA 
Creating a culture of preparedness now is critical to our community’s resilience when a major disaster occurs. A goal of DPA is to provide you an opportunity to connect with all entities of our community involved in disaster preparedness. You will receive tools; training, resources and networking opportunities designed to assist you to take action toward your preparedness goals and thus begins the creation of a culture of preparedness. Click HERE>>

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