CPM West Conf. & Expo Oct. 8-11: Dallas. Revise, Revamp or Reinforce Your Contingency Plan. Develop or fine tune your plan with practical strategies from experts in the public and private sectors. FREE Expo & DRG Subscribers Save 10% on conference prices (Code CPM01). Click Here!

Hunting Black Swans in Your Continuity Program - Quarry 5: Exercising Your Plans: Business Unit Continuity Plans. A Black Swan in BC Management is an untreated point of failure. This is the fifth in a series by Kathleen Lucey regarding hunting and mastery of black swans. Click HERE>>

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  • Be a Part of National Preparedness Month (NPM)
    NPM is sponsored by the Ready Campaign in partnership with Citizen Corps and the Advertising Council. NPM is held each September to encourage Americans to make sure they are prepared for disasters or emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities. Learn more>>
  • Preparing for Disaster: September Is National Preparedness Month
    The Center for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) Website offers ideas on how families and businesses can prepare in case of emergency. Are you ready if a disaster strikes? Click HERE>>
  • Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best
    The roles of emergency planners in a military capacity are no different than those in the civilian sector. What are the best ways to prepare for emergencies and be ready? Click HERE>>
  • Disaster Preparedness Is a Community Effort
    Once disaster strikes, larger organizations typically sweep in with aid for those who suffer from such crises. But who is ultimately responsible for disaster recovery? Click HERE>>
  • Leadership’s Role in the Face of Blackout Threats
    With the summer months upon us, blackouts threaten communities nationwide in the wake of record heat. How should business leaders prepare for a blackout? Click HERE>>
  • Disaster Preparation Tips
    A natural disaster can seemingly strike at any time. What can we do to protect our family, employees, customers, and property during a natural disaster? Click HERE>>
  • Post Katrina Recovery: Hard Lessons Learned
    As a result of Hurricane Katrina’s mass destruction after it hit the Gulf Region in 2005, the State of Mississippi had to change the way it approached disaster management. Click HERE>>

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TAMP Systems provides BCM web-based software & consulting services. TAMP's products include the Disaster Recovery System (DRST) software providing BCM automation, and the DRST Smartphone App. TAMP is a DRII Certified BC Vendor (CBCV). Click HERE>>

September is Nat’l Preparedness Month YOU can HELP the people in your organization prepare. The Survival Kit I is on sale and supplies single person basic necessities for the first 72 critical hours after a disaster, in a compact, durable pack. BUY NOW!

Resiliency: Building a Better Tomorrow. 60th IAEM Annual Conf. & EMEX 2012. Oct 26 – Nov 1: Orlando, FL. Sessions encourage the exchange of ideas on collaborating to protect lives and property from disaster. You won't want to miss it! Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update
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The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience (ICOR)
announces a completely online education and certification program in Crisis Management & Communications - The Crisis Management & Communication Professional (CMCP). This online series of 8 courses covers topics ranging from crisis management to crisis team leadership to crisis communications. The online certification exam consists of 8 short answer questions. This same course is part of the University of Illinois Chicago’s Certificate in Emergency & Continuity Management. Click HERE>>

CPM West Conference & Expo 
October 8-11, 2012 - Dallas, Texas. Revise, Revamp or Reinforce Your Contingency Plan. CPM West is the only conference and expo designed to help you develop or fine tune your plan with practical strategies, presented by leading national experts from government and the private sector. FREE Expo & DRG Subscribers Save 10% on the conference prices (Use Code: CPM01). Click Here!

Neverfail Brings Physical and Virtual Together for Incredible IT 
Virtual servers are growing, but physical servers still exist. Creating a single “pane of glass” across both physical and virtual environments where all server availability can be managed is the goal of today’s IT directors. Neverfail brings the management of physical server availability into the vSphere Client, putting all your availability tools into one tool belt allowing for tighter management and seamless integration of the virtual and physical worlds. Click HERE>>

Based on the philosophy of "working together", the Wednesday Continuity e-GUIDE provides a concise seven-day snapshot of the business continuity and emergency management industry from around the world right down to the local level.

We are still receiving subscriptions for the 2012 DISASTER RESOURCE GUIDE (15th Edition). Click HERE>>