Road Warrior Kit - Every car needs one! This is our new auto emergency kit. It supplies basic necessities for any everyday personal emergency you may encounter while traveling. Packed in a compact, durable bag you can carry on the go. It’s a jungle out there. Be safe. Click HERE>>

Hunting Black Swans in Your Continuity Program – Quarry 3: Exercising Your Plans. A Black Swan in BC Management is an untreated point of failure. This is the third in a series by Kathleen Lucey regarding hunting and mastery of black swans in your continuity program. Click HERE>>

  • The 15th Edition of the Disaster Resource GUIDE -- Hot Off the Press!
    The 178-page GUIDE includes a feature article entitled: “A Decade of Lessons: A Time to Remember and a Time to Look Ahead.” The one-stop GUIDE is where the BC & EM industry gathers on an annual basis. To download a digital copy, Click HERE>>
  • Cybersecurity Questions on Our Nation’s Birthday: Are We Prepared?
    The ante has been upped with the release of the Stuxnet and Flame viruses by the U.S. and Israeli governments. The big question: Is the U.S. prepared for the repercussions? Click HERE>>
  • Solutions for the New Age of Network Security
    With the new age of public Wi-Fi connections, mobile devices, and ever-increasing data security costs, how can companies protect their vital data networks? Click HERE>>
  • Smartphones Set to Receive Weather Alerts
    The U.S. government rolls out a new alert system that allows emergency management agencies to warn individuals with smartphones of imminent severe weather in their area. Click HERE>>
  • Administrative Lessons Learned Two Years After the BP Oil Spill
    The BP oil spill was the largest oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. What lessons has the BP oil spill fund administrator learned two years later? Click HERE>>
  • DDoS Mitigation and Your Company
    How can SMEs protect themselves in an age of growing network security concerns? Stay ahead of the latest surge in cyber attacks against your networks. Click HERE>>
  • Severe Weather Thwarts the Best Laid Plans
    In light of recent severe weather in the East and Midwest, how can companies better prepare? And will climate change lead to an increasing amount of severe weather? Click HERE>>

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Protect Your Business from Data Theft: SPECTOR 360 monitors employee computer activity, recording every app, website, email, and keystroke, complete with Screen Playback. Know what your employees are doing before there’s a problem. Learn More>>

AOK Rescue Chair
The safest and easiest way to transport a person down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. Click HERE>>

DRJ Fall World 2012. Sep. 9-12: San Diego, CA. 85+ service providers, 45 speakers, and 40 sessions. The world's largest conference dedicated to business continuity and disaster recovery. Choose from dozens of sessions and networking events. Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update
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Contingency Planners of Ohio 2012 Business Survival & Recovery Conference 
Dublin, OH - October 15-16 - Contingency Planners of OHIO provides a vehicle for networking, plus opportunities for learning and career advancement for professionals and planners in both the public and private sectors who are dedicated to educational and shared experiences in contingency planning. Attendees will be able to experience excellent break-out sessions, general sessions, relevant topics, best practices and industry professionals as presenters. Click HERE>>

SunGard MRP Addresses Florida Hospital’s Life-Critical Recovery Needs 
SunGard Availability Services recently announced Florida Hospital has subscribed to its Managed Recovery Program (MRP) service in which SunGard manages the hospital’s entire recovery lifecycle. SunGard MRP has enabled the hospital to lower costs, be more confident in its recovery capabilities and reduce risk by ensuring recovery processes stay current with technology and business changes. Click HERE>>

SpectorSoft Provides Mac OS Users Detailed Activity Monitoring Capabilities 
SpectorSoft Corporation, provider of computer and mobile device monitoring and analysis software, recently announced the availability of SPECTOR 360 7.4. SPECTOR 360 User Activity Monitoring (UAM) provides detailed visibility into and analysis of the digital behavior of both Mac and Windows computer users, across all devices, on or off the network, across time, and within the context of their actions. Click HERE>>

Based on the philosophy of "working together", the Wednesday Continuity e-GUIDE provides a concise seven-day snapshot of the business continuity and emergency management industry from around the world right down to the local level.

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