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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has not had the success or mere traction that has been anticipated. What is the reason? Boston University’s Mark Carroll takes a back-to-basics look at ERM and its real value principles; making the case for ERM adoption. To read, Click HERE>>

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  • Lessons in Cloud Computing
    Find out how private companies can apply lessons learned through a 25-point implementation plan devised by the U.S. Chief Information Officer in 2010. Click HERE>>
  • Tornado Lessons Learned the Hard Way
    When tornadoes hit Alabama in 2011, most agencies were not prepared for the aftermath. But key areas were quickly improved upon to better deal with future disasters. Click HERE>>
  • Preparing for the Next Hurricane
    Are Florida utility companies prepared for the upcoming hurricane season? The answer is yes and no, as total preparation might be a long time coming. Click HERE>>
  • The Future Role of the Chief Information Officer
    How will the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) change in the next eight years? Find out what industry leaders think will be the challenges of the coming decade. Click HERE>>
  • Business Continuity Contingencies in a Crisis
    When dealing with questions of business continuity, where do most employees stand? Would they know what to do in a crisis situation without guidance? Click HERE>>
  • How an Earthquake Works
    What are the signs of an earthquake? How has equipment to detect earthquakes become more accurate, and what steps can be followed to improve current technology? Click HERE>>

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Disaster Recovery Testing The ONLY book on this vital subject, addressing all types of contingency plans! Transform recovery testing from an afterthought to a powerful, disciplined and efficient development and implementation tool. Click HERE>>

AOK Rescue Chair The safest and easiest way to transport a person down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. Click HERE>>

World Conference on Disaster Mgmt Toronto, Ontario – June 25-27 – Attended by disaster management professionals from 35 countries, WCDM is the premier annual industry event, with a theme this year of "Global Threats, Local Consequences." Click HERE>>

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The Incident Response Plan (IRP) - A New BCM Plan to Help You During A Crisis 
Don't need a full Comprehensive Business Continuity Plan? Are you looking for a simple plan to help notify critical staff members at time of crisis? Look no further, the Incident Response Plan is simple and easy. In conjunction with TAMP's DRS product, notification details, recovery tasks, call lists and much more are all in one concise plan and can be accessed anywhere from your Smartphone. Click HERE>>

SunGard Consulting’s New Practice and Focus on Operational Resilience 
SunGard Availability Services recently announced the refocusing of its consulting organization to improve the resilience of its clients’ operations. SunGard Consulting helps organizations build the most effective strategy for managing operational risk while ensuring availability through innovative business continuity strategies, enabling technologies such as cloud computing, and improving efficiencies through high-performing IT operating models. Click HERE>>

Based on the philosophy of "working together", the Wednesday Continuity e-GUIDE provides a concise seven-day snapshot of the business continuity and emergency management industry from around the world right down to the local level.

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