RIMS 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition Risk knows no boundaries, why should you? Join us at RIMS '12 and find the resources you need for the upcoming year and learn how to overcome the obstacles that are holding you and your organization back. Click HERE>>

How can we improve business continuity effectiveness? In this clip, John Stagl shares on the importance of ensuring the physical asset recovery element of a BCP is tied into the corporate objectives so that the assets needed to support those objectives come online first. Click HERE>>

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    We have 21 videos at our website with interesting lessons to learn on topics sometimes overlooked in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Management, et al. Take advantage of this free resource to find out if your plans cover everything! Click HERE>>
  • Lessons Learned After Las Animas Earthquake
    In the aftermath of the 2011 Las Animas Earthquake, officials in the Colorado county learned valuable lessons from the disaster and implemented changes toward future crises. Click HERE>>
  • Supply Chains Disruptions in the Modern Era of Disaster
    Businesses realized the importance of enterprise risk management after vendors and suppliers suffered huge disruptions following 2001 natural disasters. Click HERE>>
  • Population Migration and Climate Change
    Climate change is an area of focus in recent news events. However, one topic that has not been covered in great detail is migration resulting from climate change. Click HERE>>
  • NATO Lags Behind in the Newest Defenses Against Cyber Attack
    As cyber warfare becomes increasingly sophisticated, NATO tries to stay ahead of the newest cyber threats on the battlefield of the future, the Internet. Can NATO keep up? Click HERE>>
  • Lessons Learned from Japan: 1 Year Later
    What have been some of the lessons learned one year removed from the Japanese earthquake? Officials in the U.S. wonder if they are ready for a similar event. Click HERE>>
  • What’s in a Law?
    U.S. lawmakers seek to strengthen current economic espionage laws in America. However, will it be enough to just stymie the loss of American trade secrets? Click HERE>>

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Business Continuity & COOP professionals rely on CPM (Philadelphia, April 15-18) to reinforce resiliency plans in turmoil and business disruption. Leading experts share hard learned lessons and advice to keep your business prepared to deal with change. Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update
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BREEZE® Releases Function-Enhancing Software Update 
BREEZE®, the air dispersion modeling software used by environmental professionals around the world, has released a new version of its Incident Analyst modeling software. First responders and risk management planning teams use this software to evaluate worst-case and alternative scenarios for chemical releases, explosions, and fire threats. Industrial facilities also use BREEZE Incident Analyst to demonstrate due diligence and regulatory compliance. Click HERE>>

EERI 2012 Annual Meeting and Nat'l EQ Conference 
Learn the many lessons from recent and historic earthquakes and understand their applicability to the practice of U.S. professionals, look into the vulnerability of our aging large infrastructure, learn about the New Madrid Earthquake Scenario Project, commemorate the bicentennial of the New Madrid earthquakes, get the latest information on seismic safety improvements for our schools, and much more. Click HERE>>

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