Curb the Costs of Crisis
Update your DR plan to incorporate innovations in crisis communication and ensure faster recovery of business operations. In this Dell white paper, Managing through a Disaster to Recovery, learn to achieve rapid resolutions to crisis events. Click HERE>>

Succession Planning and the Aging Workforce
Daniel T. Holden writes about the "Knowledge Gap;" or the loss of critical information when employees leave their place of employment. It's a scenario that is being played out in spades as Baby Boomers reach retirement age. Click HERE>>

    has been linking BC/DR/EM buyers and sellers since the late 1980s. Are you looking for a product or service for your program? If yes, you have come to the right place! Click on the products of interest and link directly to hundreds of suppliers featured in the Online GUIDE.
  • Watch Your Pre-Flight Body Language
    Instead of checking what's in your pockets and baggage, airports could soon monitor your heart rate and eye movement for hints of ill intent. Click HERE>>
  • Defective Drywall Debacle
    Do toxic homes in 27 states constitute a disaster? Four senators want FEMA to see it that way. Click HERE>>
  • Top Jobs For Cyber Whiz Kids
    A British version of the US Cyber Challenge will entice UK hackers to work for the good guys. Click HERE>>
  • Video Teaches Terror Detection
    DHS releases video to empower the public to help spot signs of terrorism. Click HERE>>
  • Sprawling Security Loopholes
    Researchers warn businesses not to lose sight of security on multiple cloned servers. Click HERE>>
  • U.S. Helps Argentina Nab Radiation Thief
    A man who stole radiaoactive material from his former employer threatened to ‘make the city glow.' Click HERE>>

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YOU can HELP the people in your organization prepare. The Survival Kit I supplies basic necessities for the first 72 critical hours after a disaster. It provides single person essentials in a compact, durable pack. Click HERE>>

AOK Rescue Chair
The safest and easiest way to transport a person down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. Click HERE>>

Gartner Data Ctr Conf,
Dec. 1-4, Las Vegas, addresses your hottest issues: next-stage virtualization, the impact of cloud computing, best practices in cost optimization, managing escalating energy costs, the aging infrastructure, and more. Click HERE>>

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Looking for a product or service? You have come to the right place! Click on the products of interest and link directly to hundreds of suppliers featured in the Online GUIDE.

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Free Webinar: 3rd Annual Emergency Preparedness & Security Survey
11/12/09, 1 pm ET/10 am PT - Honeywell and Varolii present findings from the 3rd Annual Emergency Preparedness & Security Survey. Contains practices and insight from over 400 continuity and security professionals. Participants receive the survey results report. Click HERE>>

MTU Onsite Energy Unveils New Series 1600 Diesel Generator Sets
Mankato, MN - The set covers a range of 250 kW to 600 kW and is based on the MTU Series 1600 engine, through which MTU's proprietary power range is extended from as low as 250 kW up to 3,250 kW. This series is the smallest engine the company produces. It has all the hallmarks of an MTU engine: reliability, high power density and fuel efficiency. When combined with the new design, the result is a compact powerhouse ideal for emergency standby. Click HERE>>

Recovery Testing: A Required Step in Disaster Preparedness
Wayne, PA - Organizations need to know their recovery plans will work before a disaster strikes. By testing, they can identify plan strengths and weaknesses - and develop a roadmap for making any needed changes to improve disaster preparedness. A recent survey commissioned by SunGard Availability Services and conducted by Harris Interactive, found that testing of disaster recovery plans delivers value to organizations. Click HERE>>

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