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Make Telework Part of Your BCP
Telework should already be a key part of any business continuity strategy. But with most of the world in a "down economy" and H1N1 being declared a pandemic, teleworking is an even more critical strategy. Ted Browns tells us more. Click HERE>>

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  • Online Game Teaches Tsunami Recovery
    Want to wear a recovery manager's shoes for a day? An online game shows the kinds of decisions the British Red Cross made in response to the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami. Click HERE>>
  • Smart Grids Vulnerable
    A smarter smart grid could create a new 'in' for hackers. New technology aims to help. Click HERE>>
  • Obama Cuts Security Red Tape
    Too many categories of sensitive information can defeat their purpose in the White House. President Obama wants to streamline document security. Click HERE>>
  • Cyber-Savvier Kids
    A free program being offered in US schools teaches kids about cybersecurity. Click HERE>>
  • Preparedness Under the Tree
    FEMA encourages the public to consider a preparedness theme for this gift-giving season. Click HERE>>
  • Microsoft Building a Private Cloud
    Companies will be able to build a private cloud within their own data centers sometime in 2010, says Microsoft. Click HERE>>

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CPM West 2010.
Las Vegas: May 11 - 13. This training event will provide you with a complete risk management education, as well as opportunities to network with your peers. Traditionally, over 60 sessions on key issues and strategies. Click HERE>>

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Looking for a product or service? You have come to the right place! Click on the products of interest and link directly to hundreds of suppliers featured in the Online GUIDE.

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Glendale Protects Lives and Property with Everbridge Emergency Notification System
Los Angeles, CA - Everbridge announces that Glendale Water & Power (GWP) has deployed Everbridge SmartGIS™ for Citizen Alerts to communicate important information to thousands of businesses and residents before, during and after emergencies and hazardous events. The system will alert citizens about potential fire threats, floods, evacuation notices and provide public safety information to GWP customers and the Glendale community. Click HERE>>

Generator Set from MTU Onsite Energy: Enhanced Response To Transient Loads
Mankato, MN - The 3,250 kW diesel generator set from MTU Onsite Energy has been designed to respond to transient loads and quickly recover from voltage and frequency dips commonly associated with cycling loads and motor starting. In standby power applications, the model 3250-SC6DT2 generator set's reserve power capabilities also permit it to accept its full rated load in a single step in accordance with NFPA 110. Click HERE>>

Rick Tobin Wins National Award for the Road to Ready Show
Recently, Rick Tobin received the 1st Place Public Outreach Award for his Internet radio program, The Road to Ready. The honor was given by IAEM during their annual conference. Rick Tobin was the host and developer of the show in 2008 and 2009. The program focused on aiding the public, business and government to increase their readiness for emergencies, disasters and other interruptions. The archives for all shows are available for open access. Click HERE>>

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