3rd Annual Emergency Prep & Security Survey Webinar Nov 12, 1 pm ET/10 am PT. Findings from the survey sponsored by Honeywell and Varolii. Contains practices and insight from over 400 continuity and security professionals. Participants receive the survey results report. Click HERE>>

National Council on Disability
says emergency management changes are needed. NCD's new report offers information to help government establish evidence-based policies, programs, and practices across the life cycle of disasters. Read key findings and suggested interventions. Click HERE>>

  • Disaster Resource GUIDE Presents Free Webinar
    Learn the latest trends in preparedness, security & crisis communications from the recently compiled 3rd Annual Emergency Preparedness & Security Survey results. Over 400 business continuity and security professionals participated. Click HERE>>
  • What Went Wrong in Samoa?
    A tsunami expert says communities don't have to be helpless just because they live on the coast. Click HERE>>
  • Practice Safe Clicking
    The messier the Web, the easier it is for spammers to pillage it for people's personal information and concoct more harmful attacks. Click HERE>>
  • Online Radicals Breed Terrorists
    How to stop an aspiring terrorist? Make him feel more at home in the United States. Click HERE>>
  • Feds Face Widening Geek Gap
    Cybersecurity experts have their pick of top jobs as two national initiatives race to recruit the best. Click HERE>>
  • Not-So-Instant Tsumani Text Warnings
    Delayed tsunami text warnings in New Zealand are an important indicator of what to fix for the next time. Click HERE>>
  • Manhattan Becoming a Fortress
    The surveillance network installed to protect Lower Manhattan from terrorist attacks will soon expand to Midtown. Click HERE>>

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Make the Most of your Crisis Notification System
During an emergency, one of the biggest challenges is to keep continuity of business and move swiftly from crisis mode to a managed situation. Download Dell's whitepaper to learn more. Click HERE>>

Emergency Lifeline Great Deals!
The Deskit - An individual kit with Velcro fasteners to allow storage on the inner side of a desk for easy access during an emergency. Compact, lightweight with 72-hours of support for one person. Click HERE>>

The Incident Management System (IMS)
A recognized standard essential for management of emergency incidents this course is geared to those with direct responsibility for safety and security, emergency procedures and risk management. Click HERE>>

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Webinar: How to Overcome H1N1 Communication Challenges
Responsible for almost all flu cases in the US, the H1N1 flu virus has gotten off to a fast and early start. As the flu season goes into full swing, employers could face crippling absenteeism and business disruptions. Attend this complimentary webinar, featuring pandemic communication expert Dr. Robert Chandler, to learn how to address organizational challenges and gain solutions for sustaining effective and successful communication during the pandemic. Click HERE>>

Free Seminar - "Incident Management: Shape of Things to Come"
October 27 - Glendale, CA - eBRP Solutions announces a free seminar. Get incident ready. See how organizations can use the power of Toolkit to get incident ready. Topics include: "BCM - Doing it Right," "Toolkit Showcase," "Effective Incident Management," "Incident Management Toolkit." Seats are limited and open to registered attendees only. To register contact Jennifer Craig. Click HERE>>

TIEMS 17th Annual Conference
June 8-12, 2010 - Beijing, China - "Global Emergency Response to Disasters for a Harmonious World." The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS) invites you to their annual conference. Benefit from international information exchange and cooperation within the field of public security, in order to avoid, mitigate, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters. View their YouTube clip. Click HERE>>

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