Introducing TFCC Alert®, TFCC's new mass notification system. Reach thousands of people, anytime, anywhere on any device. TFCC provides over 20 years experience, access to the largest call handling platform, a dedicated Client Manager, and a 24/7/365 live support. Click HERE>>

Straight talk: Colo Data Centers as a part of your DR strategy What are the drivers for organizations "going colo?" Discover shifts in IT that help "enable" colo migrations. Bob Graney shows a few case studies and, also, critical considerations in your colo vendor selection. Click HERE>>

  • "Facility Issues" is the Focus for the July GUIDE - Don't Be Left Out
    The industry needs to know about your offerings. Do you have products & services to spotlight in this issue? Ad packages combine print, e-GUIDE, online & tradeshow visibility and inclusion in the GUIDE's Who's Who of providers. Click HERE>>
  • Aid for U.S. Cleanup Isn't Free
    The U.S. is discovering that although it assists other countries free-of-charge, those now offering disaster aid for the BP oil cleanup expect to be paid back. Click HERE>>
  • Does Bug Blabbing Help Hackers?
    A researcher disclosed a hole affecting Windows XP before Microsoft could fix it. Microsoft says premature public disclosure leaves the door open to further attacks. Click HERE>>
  • New Lab Will Fight Bioterrorism
    Researchers at George Mason University believe their new biomedical research laboratory will help protect the U.S. from bioterrorism and infectious disease outbreaks. Click HERE>>
  • CERT Not So Certain
    A report by DHS' inspector general points to disturbing gaps in the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team's ability to address cybersecurity to any significant degree. Click HERE>>
  • New Hurricane-Proofing Beats Plywood
    The latest storm abatement technology allows a strong mesh - not unlike what trampolines are made of - to protect buildings from wind while letting in the light and air. Click HERE>>
  • How to Avoid Compromising Your Own Data
    The more places you take your work and personal information via mobile and wireless, the more vulnerable you are to data theft. Here's how to keep your data safe. Click HERE>>

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Win a Free BlackBerry Smartphone! We are conducting a survey on smartphone useage and security. Have you lost your smartphone before? Ever used it during an emergency? Suggestions for improvements? Complete the survey-two phones are being given away! Click HERE>>

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YOU can HELP the people in your organization prepare. The Survival Kit I supplies basic necessities for the first 72 critical hours after a disaster. It provides single person essentials in a compact, durable pack. Click HERE>>

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Twenty First Century Communications Announces the Release of TFCC Alert®
Columbus, OH - Twenty First Century Communications announces the release of TFCC Alert®, the newest version of its emergency notification system. New advanced alerting capabilities improve communications, increase the effectiveness of emergency efforts, and ultimately reduce the costs of a traditional communications infrastructure. Click HERE>>

New Course from DRI Int'l (at DRJ): "BCP-MET BC Metrics Overview"
Reporting is the linchpin of the Exercise, Audit & Maintenance for your plan. Sound metrics help the BCM professional communicate BCM program functionality and capability. This session provides an overview and examples that will assist any BCM professional implementing a metrics program. The use of metrics standardizes the communication of program status, where exposures remain, and those areas that are performing to plan. Click HERE>>

Honeywell IdentIPoint Access Control Shifts Intelligence to the Network Edge
Minneapolis, MN - Honeywell recently introduced IdentIPoint™, an IP-based access control system that shifts system intelligence to the card reader using smartcard technology. IdentIPoint eliminates the need for centralized access controllers, and allows access decisions to be made locally between the smartcard and the card reader. The result is a more secure, flexible and scalable system that is less expensive to deploy and maintain. Click HERE>>

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