Protect your employees.
The Deskit is an ideal starting point. This individual, space-saver, kit has Velcro fasteners to allow storage on the inner side of a desk for easy access during an emergency. It's compact, lightweight and offers 72-hours support for one person. Click HERE>>

No More Yawns: How BC Planners Can Generate Buy-In, Ownership, and Participation. Gifted in technical matters, planners often don't focus on softer skills such as team-building and communications. If it's hard to get people on-board with BCP, Phil Lambert offers some tips. Click HERE>>

  • Business Continuity Awareness Week: March 22-26
    This global educational event is facilitated by the Business Continuity Institute, an international membership body for BC management practitioners. It will focus on organizational resilience - a necessity in uncertain times. Check out the schedule of daily webcasts. Click HERE>>
  • Singapore Gets Cyber Serious
    Singapore is offering cybersecurity training to schoolchildren and holding Internet service providers accountable with a new code of practice. Click HERE>>
  • Floodplain Maps Don't Always Reflect FEMA Standards
    Minnesota communities are undergoing a certification process to ensure their levees meet FEMA standards. Until then, they won't appear on floodplain maps at all. Click HERE>>
  • Congress Needs Cyber-Education
    Hackers get into government computers by every conceivable route, yet house representatives say the security people don't do a good job of communicating the threat. Click HERE>>
  • NOAA Measures Hurricane Activity with GPS
    NOAA is upgrading its methods of hurricane measurements. GPS technology will help detect moisture in a storm, a key factor in its degree of severity. Click HERE>>
  • Kenya Lacks Cybersecurity
    Kenyan businesses are increasing their online presence but don't have access to the same advanced security systems found in developed countries. Hackers have caught on. Click HERE>>
  • Chile A Valuable Seismic School
    After last month's 8.8 quake, a team of Los Angeles engineers travelled to Chile to learn first-hand about how the structure of a building affects its chances of remaining intact. Click HERE>>

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Comprehensive BC Management Program book is a complete program for business that includes advice for all development. Planning can be extremely overwhelming... But this book makes it easy for you! Standard language enables quick review. Click HERE>>

AOK Rescue Chair
The safest and easiest way to transport a person down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. Click HERE>>

CPM West 2010.
Las Vegas: May 11 - 13. This training event will provide you with a complete risk management education, as well as opportunities to network with your peers. Traditionally, over 60 sessions on key issues and strategies. Click HERE>>

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DRASH Keeps Marathon Runners On Track
Pasadena, CA - Recently, Kaiser Permanente unveiled its new DRASH medical surge facility at the 2010 Pasadena Marathon. The facility was used to treat more than 120 people. Kaiser first became interested in purchasing a mobile surge facility as a way to treat patients directly onsite during sporting events. After review with a committee it became clear that they needed a system that was flexible enough to be used during any large-scale emergency situation. Click HERE>>

Gilat Announces Agreement to Acquire Raysat Antenna Systems
Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. recently announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Raysat Antenna Systems. The consideration for the acquisition is $25 million in cash and is expected to be completed within four to six months. Upon completion of the acquisition, RAS's U.S. operation will operate under Spacenet Integrated Government Solutions and focus on meeting the needs of the government satellite communications market. Click HERE>>

Everbridge Announces Record Growth in 2009
Los Angeles, CA - Everbridge recently announced it continued to drive technology innovation, customer acquisition and communications expertise in 2009, solidifying the company's leadership position within the sector. In addition, the company achieved an average annual growth rate of 130% over the last three years, a figure considerably higher than the industry average, which Gartner calculated at 29 percent for 2009. Click HERE>>

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