FirstCall Network's Emergency Notification suite of services allows one person to instantly notify citizens, first responders and employees with pre-recorded or custom alert messages via voice, SMS text, and email. FirstCall is staffed 24-7-365 with trained personnel. Click HERE>>

Stop Worrying About Resilience: Look at Your Culture and Compacts
An organization must focus on its culture, its compacts with employees and the characteristics of its workforce in order to build a comprehensive crisis preparedness plan. Gerry Lewis writes. Click HERE>>

  • Communications & Response Issue: End of this Month
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  • Growing Virtualization Means More Security Needed
    By 2013 more than half of eligible workloads will be virtual. 60% of virtual servers, so far, are less secure than the physical ones they replace, says analyst firm Gartner. Click HERE>>
  • Tainted Trailers For Sale
    Rather than continue to store the 120,000 formaldehyde-tainted trailers from Hurricane Katrina at taxpayers' expense, FEMA intends to sell them. Click HERE>>
  • Florida Braced for Big Thaw
    It's National Flood Safety Awareness Week, and officials in Florida are reminding people to be aware of flood hazards in the wake of recent severe weather. Click HERE>>
  • Will D.C.'s Snow Paralysis Warrant Funds?
    Snowstorms that shut down the federal government in February have put a new wrinkle in disaster response and preparation in Washington, D.C. Click HERE>>
  • Middle East Vulnerable to Hackers
    A low crime rate and eagerness to adopt online and mobile technologies make Middle Easterners perhaps too trusting and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Click HERE>>
  • Tsunami No-Show Brings Useful Data
    The tsunami that never quite materialized in Hawaii last month turned out to be a valuable drill for emergency responders and the community. Click HERE>>

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PBX Parachute is a disaster recovery/business continuity communications solution that can include automatic failover for your primary phone system, ACD queues, follow-me calling, audio conference bridge, and employee emergency hotline. Click HERE>>

Over a million sold!
YOU can HELP the people in your organization prepare. The Survival Kit I supplies basic necessities for the first 72 critical hours after a disaster. It provides single person essentials in a compact, durable pack. Click HERE>>

CPM West 2010.
Las Vegas: May 11 - 13. This training event will provide you with a complete risk management education, as well as opportunities to network with your peers. Traditionally, over 60 sessions on key issues and strategies. Click HERE>>

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TAMP Systems Announces DRS Version 8.0
Merrick, NY - TAMP is pleased to announce Version 8.0 of its BCM planning software named the Disaster Recovery System (DRS™) with enhanced and additional functionality that includes a new main dropdown menu for a user-defined "BIA to BCP Workflow". The enhanced BIA-Pro functionality within DRS empowers users to collect, manage and report on BIA data that exceeds the most stringent planning requirements known today. Click HERE>>

Avalution, Immersion White Paper on Data Breach Prevention vs Response
Cleveland, OH - Co-authored by Larissa K. Crum of Immersion Ltd., and Brian Zawada of Avalution Consulting, "Finding the Right Balance: Data Breach Prevention vs. Response," discusses the importance of being able to quickly and efficiently respond to a breach, current and proposed federal regulations and state statutes that you must comply with in the event of a breach, and how to establish your data breach response plan and team. Click HERE>>

FEMA and NOAA Renew Partnership to Encourage Flood Safety
As one of the snowiest winter seasons in many years yields to warmer weather and the promise of rain and snowmelt, FEMA's FloodSmart Campaign and NOAA announce that they are again working together during Flood Safety Awareness Week (March 15-19) to raise awareness of the dangers associated with flooding and steps to protect against damage. Both agencies urge that important measures be taken now to ensure safety and financial security. Click HERE>>

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