Effective communications are essential to keeping bad weather from turning into a natural disaster. Join distinguished crisis communications expert Dr. Robert Chandler to discuss messages that can weather the storm. Sponsored by Everbridge. Click HERE>>

2009-10 Preparedness, Security and Crisis Communications Survey Results
Honeywell and Varolii Corporation's new survey sheds light on current trends of security and communications practices, and provides a snapshot of how your peers are preparing their organizations. Click HERE>>

  • Who's Who in BC, EM & DR?
    You have come to the right place! The evolving GUIDE has been the "GO-TO" source for almost 20 years. If you don't find a company here, think twice about entrusting your mission critical projects. We present them to you in our 6 content categories. Click HERE>>
  • Planning and Management
    What issues must a DR planner address in 2010? For this year's first Continuity eGuide, we asked experts to share their predictions, tips and trends. They had a lot to say! Here are the highlights. Click HERE>>
  • Human Concerns
    Don't forget your people. That's what our experts said when we asked them about emerging trends on the human side of disaster planning, response and recovery. Click HERE>>
  • Information Availability and Security
    What's new in terms of protecting our virtual and information assets? The answer is pretty cloudy! Click HERE>>
  • Telecom and Satcom Communications
    Technology is increasingly critical in today's complex world, but its number one purpose remains the same - making sure important messages get through in an emergency. Click HERE>>
  • Facility Issues
    More servers using more power and taking up more space. Buildings and equipment badly in need of upgrades. Read on for more about these and other facility issues in 2010. Click HERE>>
  • Crisis Communications and Response
    Economic downturn or upturn notwithstanding, people need food and water in an emergency, as well as shelter and a means of communicating with the outside world. Our experts urge companies not to lose sight of these priorities in 2010. Click HERE>>

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The Experts Discuss Cloud-Based DR Services
Troy Winskowicz of Dell hosts guest speaker Stephanie Balaouras of Forrester Research to discuss how cloud-enabled technologies offer rapid recovery without expensive IT infrastructure. Free on-demand webcast. Click HERE>>

Corporate Emergency Kit. Cover your company's basic preparedness needs with this comprehensive survival kit. Don't wait any longer. Contingency planning begins with taking care of your number one resource - your employees! Click HERE>>

'10 BC/Corporate Security Show, March 15, NYC. Internet Security, H1N1 Swine Flu and Cost Containment are hot issues for security, IT and BC managers. Learn about these issues and much, much more at the BC/Corporate Security Show in NYC! Click HERE>>

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Amcom Helps Adams County Aid Emergency Callers with 911 IP Tech
Minneapolis, MN - Amcom Software Inc., recently announced that Adams County, Indiana is successfully fielding 3,500 calls monthly with the Amcom 911 call center solution. Running the Amcom system on an underlying next-generation 911 (NG911) IP network now enables Adams County to shave precious seconds off the connection time for each call, speeding response times. Click HERE>>

Paradigm Solutions Announces Contract with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
Bethesda, MD - Paradigm Solutions International, Inc., provider of cost effective, Business Continuity Management/Continuity of Operations (COOP) solutions and services has entered into a multiple year agreement with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Underwriters Laboratories, provider of product safety testing and certification services, is conducting a global implementation of the OpsPlanner solution to fulfill its BC and DR Planning needs. Click HERE>>

Fourth National Emergency Management Summit
March 3-5, 2010 - Washington, DC. The National Emergency Management Summit is a forum on medical preparation and response to disasters, epidemics and terrorism. Issues to be addressed in 2010 include: H1N1 experience in the US and beyond, pandemic planning and readiness, hospital surge, supply chain management, patient evacuations, tsunami warning systems, use of health 2.0 tools, coordinating communitywide response and much more. Click HERE>>

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