Technology Progresses While Security Lags

The Obama administration has been slow to address cybersecurity threats, perhaps because any significant changes would affect short-term economic growth.

In an article on the Washington Post website, Jack Goldsmith and Melissa Hathaway say the government’s trend of “grabbing the economic gains from information technology advances and ignoring their security costs” has reached a crisis point. While the government has issued many “roadmaps” to address cybersecurity, it has yet to travel down that road, says the article.

To enforce tighter cybersecurity rules would mean manufacturers would be liable, and would in turn increase software prices for consumers. This would slow software development and slow the demands for supply chain vigilance.

Mandating information-sharing and regulating botnets would be expensive, slow down the Internet and compromise corporate secrets, but short-term economic gains must be balanced against longer-term losses from inadequately secured computer systems, says the article.

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