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CATEGORY 2 Security such as encryption, login and permissions
Provides lock out feature after a failed number of login attempts Provides role-based security
Supports encrypted passwords
Includes "Forgot my Password" feature
Allows client to define password strength parameters Allows data encryption in transit
Allows data encryption in at rest
by Avalution Consulting
SUSTAINABLE by Virtual Corporation
by Fairchild Consulting
by RecoveryPlanner
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Catalyst FairchildApp RPX Sustainable Planner
CATEGORY 3 Risk Assessment/Management provides area to document threats maybe preloaded
or part of a Business Impact Analysis
Provides list of key threats and vulnerabilities
Provides strategy options for common risks and documents the recovery strategy
Captures and assesses risks related to business and technology operations
Captures and associates risk responses and controls to risks
Sets the stage for developing business continuity strategies and plans
Includes risk register
Provides technology modeling Includes operational risk assessment Includes facilities risk assessment Automatic analytics
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CATEGORY 4 Business Impact Assessment that supports surveys
and/or interview approach
Includes customizable BIA template Captures critical business functions Captures recovery time objectives (RTO)

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