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by Avalution Consulting
SUSTAINABLE by Virtual Corporation
by Fairchild Consulting
by RecoveryPlanner
Offers multi-user application ("unlimited" users with concurrent access)
Offers API access
Able to integrate with 3rd party tools and applications Allows Single Sign On (SSO)
Import and Export
Able to import and export data from external sources such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
Able to import data from unlimited number of external file types Allows access to complete data table schema
Able to easily export any data from the tool
Can import data dynamically from other sources,
such as databases
Provides a Library of Templates
Provides templates for policy
Provides templates for BIA
Provides templates for planning
Provides templates for exercising
Able to create new templates, from scratch Able to duplicate templates
Additional Features
Provides easy navigation throughout the tool
Includes multi-language capability
Provides customizable user roles and groups
Allows clients to view and change data table schemas Provides charts and graphs
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