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upkeep. Can the vendor help you assess not only the software costs, but the costs they expect your company will incur at each step along the way for employee labor or other software modifications? If a DIY program is considered an option against which you are comparing BCM software, have you factored in updates and reporting?
In addition to these specific and measureable (direct) costs, there are other factors which, though difficult to assess, could dwarf these direct costs. Would a software package likely speed recovery or offer other savings in the event of a crisis and can those be included in the ROI? What level of support is offered dur- ing rollout? What will the cost be for future support?
While it is assumed upgrades during a year which includes maintenance will be included, what about additional changes to any customizations done? How will changes to custom APIs be handled? What about upgrades on
the other side...when your company’s other applications are upgraded, how will the availability of critical data be affected?
The Best Information is Yet to Come
The BCM Software matrix and com- parison in the next 8 pages outlines 14 major categories with 168 criteria. Good news -- the 168 criteria can guide your RFP process or serve as questions for your vendor interview.
We trust the BCM Spotlight will help your organization decrease risk and increase resilience!
1 Does My Company Need Business Continuity Software? Stieven Weidner, CSO Online. does-my-company-need-business-continuity-software-.html
2 Calculating the True Costs of Business Continuity Management Plans, 6 Deep-Dive Considerations for Comparing BCM Software Platforms considerations-SFW-EBO-015.pdf
Tips from Industry Veteran Paul Kirvan
Kirvan says, “Early disaster recovery planning software came in several forms: fill-in-the-blank templates, checklists or automated systems using a common database structure. But many of these templates and checklists provided little guidance and were difficult to use. Today the content and capabilities of disaster recovery plan development tools
have been significantly enhanced. Specialized products designed for complex activities like business impact analyses are also available. Some products boast compliance with industry standards”.
From Paul’s blog at TechTarget, you can access the following:
• Learn the pros and cons of using business continuity software and how to integrate it
• Tips for implementing business continuity software
• Integrating the software into business continuity management operations
FairchildApp was recently presented the “Innovation of the Year” Award by the Business Continuity Institute – BCI.
The FairchildApp provides the perfect combination of simplicity and power enabling organizations to unify Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery planning with IT Service Management. It is a certified App available thru ServiceNow via the AppStore and is built on the ServiceNow Platform. The application provides enterprise-wide planning capability with integrated Business Impact Analysis (BIA) functionality.
The BIA allows users to identify critical business processes, calculate their Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), and assign their enterprise criticality. FairchildApp allows the graphic mapping of dependencies between
hardware, applications, processes, vendors, contracts, telecommunications, and locations.
FairchildApp also automates the identification of risks and supports resiliency planning efforts in various plan types, such as Business Continuity (BC), Disaster Recovery (DR), Incident Management (IM), and Crisis Management (CM). FairchildApp is the most powerful planning tool on the market. Built on the ServiceNow Platform makes it simple to install, administrate, and use.
To request a demo please email
“Servicenow and FairchildApp will give us complete visibility and control of our it disaster recovery processes. It’s that simple.” – Maria Rothstein, Dr Analyst & Itsm Office Manager
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