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locations, and then only if the orga- nization does not have regulatory reporting requirements. Other orga- nizations would significantly benefit from BCM software. The critical issue is selecting the software which is best for your organization.
Suggestions for the Evaluation Process
As you evaluate options, consider the following overall issues when you talk to providers:
1 Can you see demos of the software,
or better yet, see an actual live installation? Review training mate- rials and operating instructions?
2 Is your company considering any changes in other software which could impact how it links or works with the BCM software you are considering?
3 Can you get references from the provider? Can you discuss with the references what they find valuable
in the software and then compare their priorities to your own to see
if their assessments are relevant to you? They may be thrilled with the API to Salesforce, but you may use a completely different, hosted CRM – making that feature irrelevant to you. 4 With the widespread availability of information both on the internet
but also through professional organizations, can you locate a user of the software you are considering, not provided as a reference, and find out their opinions?
5 When talking to a user of the soft- ware, ask hard questions! What do they wish could be different about the software...something it will not do but they wish it could? Are they happy with the tech support? What about any customizations, and how did they go? Finally, ask about budgets – did implementa- tion cost what they projected and has the cost of maintaining the plan met expectations?
6 Is it possible to find someone who decided against a certain software... whether they actually purchased it and had to abandon it, or just opted to buy elsewhere after their evalua- tion. What was the problem?
7 Is the software company you are considering financially strong, with a track record? Do they have customers similar in size, and with similar regulatory requirements, to your own?
The Big Picture: Features and Benefits You Need to Consider
The next sections of this article will touch on feature considerations. A more complete list of options, as well as detailed descriptions, is available in the Spotlight charts and in links provided in the charts.
Getting the various business records into the BCM software is critical dur- ing rollout. In addition to a list of applications you will need to access,
RPX is a BCM platform that is used by enterprises in all industries, both public and private, since 1999.
RPX addresses compliance requirements, operational concerns, managing a maturing BCM program, improving preparedness and meeting an organization’s particular requirements. The RPX software is designed to be utilized by all types of users, from the experienced Planner to the casual user. Our proven methodology meets all pertinent BCM frameworks and regulations, is easy to follow and implement, and has been tested, audited and successfully executed.
RPX is an all-in-one, fully integrated web-based software suite for Business Continuity Management Planning, Disaster Recovery, Crisis/Incident Management , Emergency Notification, Risk and Vendor Management. Our native
mobile App, called H.E.L.P., syncs with RPX and provides an organizations’ employees personal preparedness and recovery – great for Workforce Resiliency!
It is not only about the product – Customer Support is paramount to us. Our caring, responsive and dedicated customer support is proven by long-term relationships with our customers; the longevity of the company and RPX, and numerous third party accolades. From the completeness and innovativeness of the RPX product, to the committed customer service support, to the high quality hosting operations and performance, RecoveryPlanner is a strong and recognized provider.
Experience RPX today! Schedule a Demo or Free Trial.
Exceptional customer support; unlimited, concurrent license, native Mobile App (for business and personal use); scalable; dynamic, integrated reporting; SaaS or Site license; not browser specific; comprehensive; configurable; customizable, multiple languages.
RecoveryPlanner, 101 Merritt Blvd., Trumbull, CT 06611 • 877-455-9990 • •

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