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What BCM Software Will Not Do
The effective implementation of a BCM software solution can do many things for your organization, but first consider what it will NOT do. It will not take a ragged BC program and clean it up and make it good. Evaluating risks, understanding business processes, pri- oritizing both mitigation and recovery, and much more must all occur with or without software before a BC program can be effective. BCM software can help organize the complexities and it can help in the management and upkeep of your program. It can automate some complex processes such as crisis communications. Having the content digitized and available across many platforms can certainly increase resil- ience. However, BCM software is not a quick fix for a flawed program, nor will BCM software add value apart from significant effort on your part. Also, it is not a substitute for top management buy-in and widespread support across the management team. Get those in
place, and BCM software will likely be a great benefit to your organization. A painful story was published by one
author in CSO:
“I was hired as a Business Continu-
ity Manager for a national healthcare organization and was provided with a software package that I was to imple- ment nationally. The time investment this particular software required was tremendous. In fact, the investment was so great that we scrapped it two years into its development. A signifi- cant waste of time, money, and energy for all involved, with my reputation on the line (though I was not even part of its selection).” 1
When is BCM Software Most Beneficial?
There are two options for a BCM program. Using existing office soft- ware such as Word and Excel certainly appears attractive. Immediate costs are essentially zero, as everyone has access
to this software and they do not need to be trained. However, this apparent cost saving can quickly be negated. Multi-location organizations will find coordination and input cumbersome. It will be difficult to get consistent plans with updates and modifications likely happening at each location. If your organization has regulatory requirements, reporting can become a critical function, and most office-suite or DIY solutions will not generate reports sufficient to meet regulations.
One industry study2 suggests the costs of implementing a modern BCM platform could be less than a quarter of the costs of a DIY approach. Main- taining the information that is critical to your continuity program will be significantly greater with the DIY approach when multiple locations or multiple BCM components are saved in various locations.
Most business continuity profession- als today would say the DIY approach is only appropriate in smaller orga- nizations with one, or at most a few,
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Catalyst is a fully integrated, end-to-end business continuity planning software – unlike any other currently available on the market today!
Catalyst combines Avalution’s consulting methodology with a simple user interface, on-screen help guides, and customizable templates to make the entire business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning lifecycle easy and repeatable for any organization – regardless of size, industry, or geography. Even better, Catalyst scales to fit each organization’s unique needs.
Business impact analysis, risk assessment, plan development, exercising, automatic metrics and reporting, live incident management, and built-in emergency notification.
• Covers the entire continuity lifecycle
• Identifies and flags preparedness gaps with
Catalyst Insights
• Saves you time by automating workflows for all
administrative tasks
• Delivers the fastest implementation on the market • Provides the lowest total cost of ownership
Business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning is all that we do. If you’re looking for innovative software that will simplify your life and help you get stuff done, please contact us today.
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