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CATEGORY 7 Emergency/Mass Notification
Able to notify people via phone, email or text message based on various notification lists
Allows integration with third-party vendors
Includes Emergency Notification that is built-in to the tool
Can send messages to individual contacts, groups of contacts, or teams from recovery plans
Can record custom voice messages instead of text to speech Can send polls and surveys and then view summarized results Includes pricing model overview
by Avalution Consulting
SUSTAINABLE by Virtual Corporation
by Fairchild Consulting
by RecoveryPlanner
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Catalyst FairchildApp RPX
CATEGORY 8 Exercises
Able to cutomize exercise templates
Includes exercise planning - type, objective, scope, participants
Documents results
Documents and assigns action items
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CATEGORY 9 Reporting & Approvals
Includes multiple formats for output Able to generate reports quickly Includes preformatted reports Allows custom reports to be built
Sustainable Planner
Sustainable Planner
Includes data collection reporting
Allows GIS and Latitude/Longitube mapping
Provides numerous types of charts and graphs
Allows multiple document types to be incorporated in reports
Organize attachments to appear in appropriate section of reports

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