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by Avalution Consulting
SUSTAINABLE by Virtual Corporation
by Fairchild Consulting
by RecoveryPlanner
Captures recovery point objectives (RPO)
Provides BIA summary report
Includes visual mapping of dependencies
Allows unlimited imports of data from external sources for use in reports and workflow
Includes Gap Analysis
Provides what-if scenarios for impact analysis
Provides RTO/RPO Analysis
Includes multiple impact calculation types
Captures application, facility, supplier, department dependencies
Captures recovery staffing and resource requirements
Provides suggested strategy options for common risks and documents the recovery strategy
Able to set update and approval frequencies that automatically notify BIA owner of the task, and admin when completed or overdue
Documents audit trail of changes
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CATEGORY 5 Plan Creation (Customizable, supports other plans and goals
of organization) & Maintenance (Covers revision history and testing)
Able to customize plan templates
Enables the creation of Business Recovery Plans Enables the creation of Crisis Management Plans Enables the creation of Crisis Communications Plans
Enables the creation of IT DR Application Recovery Plans Enables the creation of ITDR Infrastructure Plans Utilizes data from the BIA and risk assessment
Allows web-based plan development
Able to easily create and edit plans
Captures restoration and recovery information such
as processes and checklists based on resource loss type

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